What to Do When Summer Fares to Europe are Grimmer than a Grimms’ Fairy Tale

Business Class fare trends to Europe on major carriers are rose-briar painful – in the $3,100 to $6,300 range — but those who are willing to fly lesser-known carriers or have destination-flexibility can still save

With summer only a few months away, Europe is as hot as a witch’s cauldron. This demand has helped drive fares higher than Jack’s beanstalk. It’s not uncommon to see $3,100 to $4,200 fares from the East Coast and $3,500 to $5,500 from the West Coast. For example, the New York-Venice route is often $6,300+ on Delta.

Needles in the Haystack:
On Smaller Airlines

London used to have the highest fares. However, we recently saw fares to London starting around $2,200, which can still be found on JetBlue from Boston, $2,449 to $2,905 from New York and many other U.S. departure cities. Otherwise, fares to London on major airlines have now crept up to around $2,900 from the East Coast and $3,500 from the West Coast.

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