U.S. Inflation Ruination: Add United Business Class Award Flights to Your List of Things to Kiss Goodbye

It’s “Pesogate” all over again… here are FCF’s latest workarounds…

Remember Pesogate? Okay, I’m being deliberately provocative. It was the nickname given to Delta when they switched from a standard award chart to a “dynamic” award chart which promptly jacked up their miles prices to stratospheric levels for international premium travel (from 160,000 to 340,000+ one-way in some instances). Dynamic alright. It caused Delta SkyMiles to start being called “SkyPesos.”

Enter 2021
Supposed to Be the Good Year, Right?

Well, welcome to the unfriendly skies of United, which has just done the same thing with big mile hikes. It seems inflation isn’t just rearing its ugly head all over the U.S. with furniture, used cars and trucks, shipping, utilities, gas, and most everything else increasing from ~20% to 100%+.

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