Five Secret Routes to Get Business Class 3-for-1s (Or More) to Europe Right Now

Where to get 320,000-mile Delta Biz Class tickets for 100,000 points, or less

Travelers bemoan the lack of Business Class availability to Europe on Delta routes, but the truth is that you CAN get there for cheap. Instead of using 320,000 to 640,000 miles on Delta, use 100,000, or less with the current Amex transfer promo, more on that here.

You may recall FCF’s Delta/Virgin loophole here, and here, where you use Virgin Atlantic miles (that you get by transferring Amex points) rather than Delta SkyMiles to buy seats — on Delta flights. Sounds weird, but it’s because Delta only releases a limited number of low-cost mileage award seats to its own SkyMiles members — which is a different number than it releases to its partner Virgin Atlantic. In other words, by using Virgin Atlantic miles / Amex points for the same Delta flights, you can open up low-cost award space that Delta doesn’t offer.

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