How Anyone Can Get a $25,100 Japan Airlines First Class Ticket to Asia for $2,880 R/T

FCF’s handy toolshed makes the process so easy you’ll wonder if the person next to you paid as little as you did (they probably didn’t).

Most travelers realize that no two seats on the same flight are sold for the same price, be it in dollars or miles. When you’re sitting in First Class, there’s no telling who paid $25,100, who used their miles, or how many miles they used to snag a mileage award ticket. The cabin staff likely doesn’t know either, but you do if you got a steal.

Today we want to discuss how to get up to 89% off some of the world’s most expensive First Class seats. Not many people have close to $25,000 for an airline ticket, but many of you do have $2,880 to spare, especially for those special occasion trips.

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