Euro-logist Needed to Unblock the Star Alliance Award Availability Crisis Across the Pond, Part 1

Where are the premium United and Star Alliance award flight needles (Biz Class from 88,000 miles R/T) in the haystack? Find out how and where spontaneous travelers, partner-bookers, and flexible-destination travelers can win cheap awards in 2023 and into next year too.

Low-cost mileage award availability to Europe is as rare as a discounted surgeon’s fee these days. With American and United, our global research team is quickly losing patience (yes, terrible pun). As for Delta, I’ll go so far as to say it’s insulting to even redeem Delta miles these days for premium travel, as they’re usually only worth a penny, or much less. I’d almost feel better letting them expire! Picking between humiliation and loss is not easy.

Warning: when you see airlines below like Air Canada, All Nippon, Avianca, Lufthansa, and United, keep in mind that many of the points that you already have can be transferred into these airlines mileage programs, which you can also use to fly with partners. See chart below before you dive into the availability opportunities that follow based on the power of your points.

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