Business Class: How Anyone Can Save Up to 61% from 50+ U.S. Cities to 100+ Cities in Europe on Austrian, Lufthansa, and SWISS

Welcome to Part III of our Lufthansa buy-miles series for Business Class (available to anyone)…

We love to talk about Lufthansa right now. Back in December, we told you about their lucrative new buy-miles sale called Bundle&Go (you can sign up in five minutes if you haven’t already). And then last month a sale reappeared as we extolled the virtues of using miles for Lufthansa’s free connections from all over the U.S. to all over Europe.

When the miles are on sale you can purchase a maximum of 100,000 per transaction and up to 250,000 miles annually. The most recent sale costs 1.5 cents per mile. That’s great value as you’ll see in a moment. Check out FCF’s unlimited buy-miles strategy if you need more than the annual limit.

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